Lee on the Solent Golf Club

Sam Hutsby

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PGA Trainee

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Coach bio

I have 25 years experience playing golf and within this time I had a successful amateur career eventually reaching number 3 in the World Rankings before turning professional in 2009.

I then achieved my childhood dream of competing on the European tour. With this experience I was fortunate enough to spend a lot of time with some of the worlds best players and coaches in today’s game, constantly learning from their experiences. Now I have the pleasure to share this information and knowledge to anyone looking to improve their game.

My approach to coaching is focused on tailoring to each individual. I DO NOT believe there is only 1 way to swing a golf club (as shown by the worlds elite players) the key is finding out what will work best for that particular individual.

One skill in coaching is to help educate the pupil along the way and give them transparent information which will reassure them what they are doing is correct. Using state of the art technologies such as launch monitors and video analysis is a great way of highlighting strengths and weaknesses within a players game.

This type of information I believe is a great way to make quick progress!


Coaching Aids

  • Launch Monitor
  • Video Analysis
  • Custom Club Fitting


Facility Information

  • Indoor Bay
  • Outdoor Bay
  • Outdoor Bay - Covered
  • Grass Tee
  • Short Game Area
  • Putting Area
  • WiFi
  • Parking - Free


Coaching Prices

30 min lesson

inc. use of launch monitor

1 hour lesson

inc. use of launch monitor

9 hole lesson

Focussed on course management and strategy

Coaching location


Video gallery

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Jan 13, 2021
Chad Saunders

I had an hour long indoor session with Sam and he really helped me improve my ball strike. I had a tendency to fat the ball or hit the ground way behind the ball. Sam had multiple drills that were all fun and easy for me to take away and practice at the range by myself! I found it easy to trust him as an ex tour player as you know he has been there and done it at a high level. We used the launch monitor as well so I could track my progress which was really interesting to learn about. It even stopped me slicing the ball! Would highly recommend.

Slice Trackman Fat
Jan 08, 2021
Tim Blackmore

I've been working with Sam over the last 12 months. I had a big tendency to slice the ball, but Sam has helped me reduce this down to a controllable fade. Throughout these lessons, we have used a Trackman and Sam has helped me understand the data from these systems. Specifically, Sam has helped me understand club path and face angle and how I need to control these two variables to hit a gentle fade. Thanks Sam!

Slice Trackman Face Angle Club Path


Hourly rate

£50 per hour


Coaches details

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